Corporate Dancing – Get Dancing Gold Coast & Brisbane

Get Dancing Gold Coast Corporate DanceHave you ever considered Social Dance Lessons for your employees?  A fabulous way to eliminate stress and to motivate employees is through the use of dance.

How will a Latin/Ballroom Dance class help your work place?

♦ Create a cohesive and productive work environment – bringing all staff together in a friendly and fun environment.
♦ Improve Employee communication – better communication between staff as a result of new friendships formed.
♦ Improve work motivation and engagement.
♦ Reduce stress.
♦ Promote a healthy lifestyle – great for fitness and coordination.
♦ Staff can get to know each other outside the pressures of work.
♦ Improve social skills and confidence amongst staff in your workplace.
♦ Boost workplace morale.

What do we do in the Dance Class?

♦ One hour of action packed fun on the dance floor!

At the corporate offices of Sony in Anaheim California, USA, many employees spend the last hour of their work week participating in regular salsa classes and then socialising with other employees. Partnership dancing is a great way for employees to learn discipline, get moving, get motivated, get healthy, get social, unwind, get happy and most of all have a fabulous time doing so.

Bring your team together for an interactive team building activity, to celebrate a special occasion or promote team cohesion.  Imagine your whole team having fun dancing SALSA, CHA CHA, RUMBA, WALTZ, FOXTROT and more!

Our instructors can come to your workplace, conference or party venue or you can bring your team to my studio in Currumbin Valley.

Prices vary depending on group numbers and activity.  Call today to discuss.